Simplicity 5259: Results


This Simplicity pattern is not so simple.

Not that it was difficult by any means, but… I am THAT stupid. (More after the break)

Problem 1: The directions instruct me to sew the back center seam and insert the zipper. Oh yeah? There is no back center seam. Because the pattern layout guide suggested that I cut that piece along the fold, through two layers of fabric. Hmmm. I could cut it in half, but then it might wind up being too snug. Not a problem, I’ll insert the zipper along the side seam. Brilliant problem solving!

Note: This is the fourth and best zipper I’ve ever done. Even, neat, invisible. Yay, me!

Problem 2: In my haste to finish the skirt, I neglected to try it on for fitting before attaching the facing at the waist. Surprise, surprise: this will come back to bite me.

Problem 3A: Attaching the facing at the waist. For the non sewers: this is a curved strip of fabric that runs, in this case around the waistband, to provide extra support and a “finished” look. Because THERE IS NO BACK CENTER SEAM, I need to sew the facing together so that it will open along the side, where the zipper now resides. But I forgot all about the repositioned zipper. Okay, I could easily take out the very short seam I just stitched, which would then allow it to open up on the side. But… I simply didn’t think of that. Instead, I spun it around 90 degrees, so I could attach it sideways. (Yeah, really. Go right ahead, I’ll give the people who know what they’re doing a minute to finish laughing.)

Problem 3B: The directions inform me that the facing will hang over by 1/2 inch on both ends. So I begin to pin it in that way… and it’s coming up short. Right. Because the designers thought there would be another seam! An inch less fabric! I unpin, and repin. I STILL DO NOT TRY ON THE UNFINISHED SKIRT. Nope, didn’t occur to me at all.

Problem 4: The skirt is finished! NOW is when I finally get around to trying it on. And… it’s too big. Surprise, surprise. That’s not a problem, though, I’ll just… oh, shit. I already sewed the facing on. Not with a loose basting stitch, no. With TWO rows of #2 straight stitch. That’s an awful lot of seam ripping, and it’s not as if it’s hanging off me… it’s just sitting a bit lower on my waist than it was designed to.

Solution to all preceding problems: Make it again, WITH a back center seam (now that I’ve READ THE FRIGGIN’ PATTERN PIECE that is clearly printed with “cut 2”). For some reason, even though I bought exactly the amount of fabric suggested for View F, I have a lot left over. So much, in fact, that there is juuuuuust enough to cut out another skirt, if I make the facing from a different fabric. It’s as if they knew I was gonna screw this up! And so, one more trip to JoAnn (continuing thanks to Mandy, who bought me a JoAnn gift card!) to rummage through the remnant basket for something in a leopard print for the facing, and a new 7-inch zipper. As I write this (hours before I’ll actually post), I still have time to cut out the skirt panels! And maybe even fit them together! Before I cut and sew the facing this time! Oh, frabjous day!

And so it is in progress. With a new zipper and a bit of leopard to finish it off, it’s going to be GREAT! I had enough room to cut the bottom hem about a half inch longer, in hopes that I can tweak it into a slightly higher waist when all is said and done. Updated post in the coming days!



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3 responses to “Simplicity 5259: Results

  1. Carrie

    I feel your pain.

  2. Marge

    This is precisely why I simply cannot get along with patterns.

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