That’s right, I didn’t bake a pie this weekend. Oh, the horror. Oh, the shame. I did go to Two Dogs Diner with Timber, and we each tried a slice of pie. Not bad, not bad. They get bonus points for listing it on the menu as “Slice o’ Pie.” When our waitress handed us menus, she mentioned that they were out of ice cream. What?! How do you run out of ice cream? So… no shakes, no malts, no root beer floats, no pie a la mode? Well, okay. It happens. I asked what kind of pie they had, and she went into the kitchen to check. A moment later, she came back and told us cranberry-apple. Only the one kind? Um, okay. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it sure beats rhubarb. Two slices please, with whipped cream. A few minutes later, our waitress appeared to let us know that they only had ONE slice of cranberry apple, and one of regular apple. Is that okay? Yes, that will do just fine. While we were eating our (cold) pie, someone walked out of the kitchen carrying most of an apple pie (presumably the pie that Timber was eating a slice of) and half of a blackberry pie. Um, hello? Seriously? I’m pretty sure that Timber would have devoured the blackberry pie if it had been offered. Anyway, the pie was adequate and we spent some time taking photos in the neighborhood afterwards. I hit up the local supermarket for my pie ingredients on the way home, but by the time I got here I had run out of pie mood. I’ll probably get to it tomorrow. I think I’m pretty close to finalizing the recipe, kids!

As a special treat, here’s a photo of the naturally-occurring pie filling mixture from last week:

Smile! Pie happens!



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3 responses to “Slacker!

  1. Marge

    Do I see Prospect houses? A friend of mine used to live there and they had a bunch neat shops in their little town but I don’t remember the diner. I’ll have to ask if she ever went there. I do seem to remember a cool little drive-thru liquor store just outside the neighborhood that we were fond of.

  2. Two Dogs opened in June of ’07. They’re about half a block down from Vic’s, on the other side of the street. Corner of Tenacity and Neon Forest.

  3. me and Robyn went to Two Dog on saturday. I am quite fond of their oatmeal and fruit. I was very happy when they opened just down the street from me, but sad at the news that Sugar’s was closing. you really should try Sushi Jainkin as well. best sushi in Longmont (I know, it doesn’t seem like that’s saying much, but there’s actually a lot of decent sushi options in Longmont). hopefully Tusk stays open for awhile. wasn’t much of a crowd there friday night when I drove past.

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