Almost there! The meringue, whipped once again by eye, is back to the proper fluffiness. Turning up the heat gave me lovely browned peaks. I added a bit more lime juice to the filling, which is starting to give me the tart shock I’m looking for, but I’m losing the consistency again. This, however, might be due to my trying to bake the pie for a ridiculous 8 minutes, as instructed in an “authentic” recipe that falsely promised me cheek-sucking tartness. Next pie: even more lime juice, more ferocious beating of the filling, and back to a longer bake time.

I am stunned that Scott isn’t sick of Key lime pie yet.

In other news, after four years of walking into my kitchen and thinking, “Hmmm, I should really switch out the handles on all of these cabinets,” I have actually done exactly that. In an ideal world, I would have switched out the cabinets themselves, but listen, it took me FOUR YEARS to agree to spend the $60 it cost me to buy 30 new (and yes, very cheap) handles. I am not prone to spending money on stuff. Even my shoes are inexpensive. Anyway, whereas the old handles were sturdy, antiqued brass in a sort of geese-in-bonnets “country” style (coughBARFcough), the new handles are a sleek, classically minimal shape done in brushed nickel. Muuuuuch better. Hello, Kitchen! Wow, you look great… did you do something different? Is that a new haircut?



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3 responses to “3.142857

  1. heehee! Ooh I can’t wait to see your new handles!!!

    um…that sounded kinda bad.

  2. nick

    I’m sorry… you lost me after the “ferocious beating” part…
    Look!!! I found an extra $10!!!

  3. Yeah, that took me a second, but I laughed good and hearty when I remembered.

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