Happy Mondays

This post has nothing to do with the band of the same name, with which I am totally unfamiliar. Catching up from the weekend:

If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably noticed that I changed the layout. The old look was appropriate back in November, but I grew tired of the bleak Seasonal Affective Disorder theme, and wanted to brighten things up a bit. I’ll be switching out the header shortly… that photo of the Eiffel Tower is one I’m particularly proud of, but with the narrow crop it looks surprisingly (or perhaps not) phallic. And, if one is to believe the rampant accusations floating around at Alison’s birthday party Saturday night, I prefer boobs. (For the last time, here in black-and-white, THE GUYS STARTED IT. Erin and I were given a choice of topics, and ‘boobs’ was the only one we could actually weigh in on (Tanks and Exploding Dogs being the other two options). I still don’t know how it eventually became blamed on me.) So yeah, anyway: new header coming soon.

Back on Friday, I announced that I was going to sew, or at least start sewing, a new dress. I did no such thing. But I did take a whole slew of photos of items I shall soon be posting to eBay, in an attempt to offset the cost of an amazing, vintage (still with original tags!) gold lamé swimsuit that I hope-hope-hope will fit and be flattering. Otherwise, my diet for the next two months will consist of seltzer and the occasional cup of vegetable broth. And the blood of any innocent bystanders who cross my path when I don’t get enough carbs.

Today’s Key lime pie looks good, but it’s too early for me to cut into it. It needs to chill a bit longer. I went with bottled Key lime juice this time, in hopes of getting some consistency into the recipe. After I popped the pie in the oven tonight, I noticed that one recipe instructs the cook to beat the filling with an electric mixer on High until fluffy. Hmmm, haven’t tried that yet. That specific recipe also says to remove the pie from the oven after 6-8 minutes, or when a skewer inserted in the middle comes out “hot but clean.” Let me tell you, NONE of the recipes I’ve been futzing with would give you a clean skewer after only 8 minutes. Would fluffing up the filling mixture make that kind of difference? Tune in next week for the answer.

Villanovababy has posted a completely new interview with me. I’m pretty sure this will do it for the interviews… at least until after I accept my Pulitzer prize. Har har.



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2 responses to “Happy Mondays

  1. LOVE it. The new look, I mean.

    Fluffing the filling just might be the key. It’s the key to so many things in life, you know. ;-)

  2. Love the new look! You’ve done a great job…I really hope your pie works out. What I want to know is… Why haven’t you brought me ANY pie???

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