Shoes: Red

Okay kids, Day Four. I’m going to try to wrap this up in two more posts. Today’s subject: Shoes That Are Red. As usual, larger images on flickr. Rouge comme…

cimg2653.jpg Stilettos. I picked them out for Erin, and then went back and got my own pair.

cimg2654.jpg Satin peep toes. With a darling bow on the heel.

cimg2656.jpg Funky-heel sandals. Man, I love that shark-fin heel.

cimg2658.jpg Cork-trimmed peep toes. With, um, cork trim.

cimg2660.jpg Espotdrilles. They’re not too big on me, as they appear in this awkward photo. The are the perfect polka-dot print to go with my red/white polka dot Stop Staring “Hollywood” dress.

cimg2649.jpg Patent slingbacks. My first pair of red patent shoes, I remember calling Mandy from the store to ask if I really should get them. I mean, red patent? How extravagant!

cimg2650.jpg Patent Mary Janes. Obviously, I got over it.

cimg2663.jpg Patent wrapped platforms. “How do you walk in those?” “With style.”


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