Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Not around here. No. It’s been unexpectedly pleasant, actually. But I’m preparing for the Milwaukee weather, and it will be typically chilly.


At least it doesn’t look too snowy. And, joy of joys, the closer hotel found a room for me! Thank you thank you thank you, Printer Rep With Contacts, for pulling that trick for me.

The online printer that I’m using to print my Christmas cards has my order status listed as “problem” but I’ve not yet heard back regarding what the problem is. (taps fingers nervously as the 25th creeps closer and closer.) I’ve been prepping jobs for print for more than ten years! For a time, it was MY job to fix OTHER people’s files for print! What could the problem possibly be? How long will this delay my order?

(hours pass)

Okay, I finally called the printer. They say the bleed wasn’t set large enough. I double-checked my files, and I had actually set the bleed to DOUBLE their specifications. Whatever, they made an adjustment at their end and are proceeding with the job.


I found out earlier today that friends are having to put down a beloved pet. It took them a long time to reach this decision, to be so very sure that the dog’s quality of life had crossed over that invisible line, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. My heart goes out to them.


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