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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Final Halloween Photos


I say final, but who knows what photos might still be sent from, say, the Taxi party. I’m talking to you, Jess. :)


more photos


7:25 PM


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cooper party photos are up


Costume no. 2 of 3 for me. I took no photos at the Taxi party, but swear I looked stunning. ;)




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It’s Crazy 

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is the kind of thing.


I’ve been asked about 247 times why I moved to Colorado. This is usually preceeded by the realization that I neither ski nor snowboard.


I’m here because it’s gosh darn purty. It smells better than New York, my “first” home. It’s not as humid in the summer, nor as slushy in the winter. And because the weather is endlessly amusing. Case in point: it was a sunny and delicious 70° yesterday, and today is practically a snow day. The roads are in terrible condition, power is out in patches (and threatening to go out here; the phones are already down), and there is murmuring afoot about going home early. It should be back up to 60° tomorrow.


I no longer have “summer” and “winter” wardrobes.


10:06 AM


Saturday, October 14, 2006

A string of poor decisions.


While in the dollar store picking up a few accessories for one of my Halloween costumes, I noticed that they carry home pregnancy tests.


In the “impulse purchase” racks next to the cash register.


12:36 AM


Thursday, October 12, 2006

tiny little bites


I enjoy eating crackers in tiny, eensy, weensy, little microscopic bites. This is something that, frankly, is obnoxiously annoying to anyone within earshot or visual range.


There are many advantages to living alone.


7:58 PM


Monday, October 09, 2006

Can I still blame Erin?


About a year ago (I am totally guessing, but it was a relatively long time ago) I got completely fed up with my old, cheap Brother sewing machine and bought myself a new 60-stitch Singer. Which has sat in its box since that time.


Anyone who has seen the inspiration photos for my Halloween costume knows that I’m in over my head, and that this simply won’t work with safety pins and a glue gun.


I have put it off as long as possible, but with time running out, and Erin ‘gloating’ over how well her and Tim’s costumes are coming along, there was nothing left to do but dust off the box and take out the shiny new machine.


It took me nearly 45 minutes to thread the Easy Threading System. But once I did, woo-hoo! I transformed a curtain into a ruffled overskirt, and attached three yards of trim to the jacket portion of the costume. In fact, miracle of miracles, I ran out of bobbin thread at the EXACT moment that I finished adding the trim.


I just might find myself sewing those throw pillow covers that I’ve had pinned together for three years. And the handbags that I have piles of material for… and the giant stuffed banana that I was going to make when my cousin’s daughter, who is now four, was born…


10:20 PM


Saturday, October 07, 2006

heeeeaaaad huuuuuuurts


That’s about it. I just needed to whine.




7:18 PM


Monday, October 02, 2006

car fixed




Jeff down at Interlocken Imports in Broomfield fixed my steering column right up, no charge. Thanks, Jeff.


11:21 PM


Saturday, October 07, 2006

One … singular sensation


I’m all ready for work this morning, in a cute little work-appropriate* outfit. White blouse, brown suede skirt, brown t-strap shoes. And then Amy calls, to see if I’m still planning on joining her for the First Friday artwalk. Shit! Of course! Not only is it First Friday, but it’s THE First Friday of the grand opening weekend of the newly expanded Denver Art Museum, and Rodney at Koubou a Deux is hosting a post-artwalk party for the international press! Which I am scheduled to crash! My outfit WILL NOT DO.


I wouldn’t say that I panicked, but my room did not get any neater as I tossed clothing around and shifted piles to dig through strata of tops and bottoms and WHERE the hell are my black boots with the SKINNY heel? (Note to self: HANG SHIT UP)


Wound up with black mini dress with tights and black boots (with the chunky heel, dammit) because I could wear that to work without anyone thinking anything was out of the ordinary. And then tonight! Ta-da! Top it off with my floor-length gold sequined jacket/coat/duster thingie.


Aside: it has occurred to me that I like to be noticed, and perhaps talked about (in a postive light, of course), but I don’t necessarily want to be talked TO. I don’t like to be the CENTER of attention. That being said, the floor-length gold-sequined number didn’t really phase me, because I’ve worn it to the artdistrict before without incident.


Tonight, people kept stopping me. On the street, in galleries, in an alley. To comment about the coat. To ask if they could feel it (thank you, cute guy in suit) or to simply feel it without asking (a little creepy, large number of people). To ask where I got it. Trust me, kids, I’m confident that you will not find another. I could hear people talking about it around me. People shouting out from across the street. Amy and I probably spent an hour or more talking to Jean, who introduced herself to us by gasping over my coat. And I think I may have been invited to attend a fashion show by a woman with a thick Eastern European accent.


Amy and I were talking about it in her car on the way to my car. I most definitely didn’t get this reaction when I wore it to Doja’s grand opening. And then both of us, in unison, “Wait, was that even ON a First Friday?”


I am so wearing this to the midnight showing of Hedwig next weekend. It will be perfect (and I know Erin will want to see it after reading this post). I’ll do my makeup all in gold, too.


*Okay, it’s Colorado. I can, and usually do, wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. But I’ve been playing dress-up lately. I blame Megan and Erin. :)


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