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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Art Director


and it’s about damn time.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



So I took off a Certain Ring a week or so ago. It had no significant meaning, really. Simply a lovely ring that matched a lovely necklace that I also can’t seem to wear any more. Not a big deal.


But it felt weird. Wrong. My hand was all… naked. So when I was wearing my jump-ring tool on that finger last night, it was perfectly natural to forget to take it off. And I only remove my rings for showering, not for sleeping.


When I woke up this morning, I had this tiny, icky rash on my finger. It’s itchy and red. Ointment to the rescue, I hope. Bleh.


8:07 AM 


Saturday, March 18, 2006

if i’m ever in a band…


When I was a young lass listening to glossy hair metal bands back in the ’80s, my dad came into my room one evening and said, “There’s nothing that any of these bands are doing that Led Zeppelin didn’t do first, and better.” Even at the time, I knew he was right.


Fast forward 20 (OH. MY. GOD.) years, to what is currently playing on MTV’s Headbangers’ Ball, and then driving home tonight and hearing Seek & Destroy on the radio. You know, there’s nothing that any of these bands are doing that Metallica didn’t do first, and better.


If I’m ever in a band, I want to cover Seek & Destroy. Lyrically shallow, but musical genius. 1983. Brill.


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Friday, March 17, 2006



Having to maintain enough sobriety to drive safely home makes for a relatively dull St. Patrick’s Day.


On the other hand, so does staying home.(I live far too far from anywhere to take a cab)


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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A “doi” moment


A few years back, when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was the hottest show around, a female friend of mine “admitted” to me that she thought one of the Fab Five was particularly cute. I mentioned that his sexual preference was probably the least likely thing keeping them apart, and we had a nice chuckle.Fast forward to tonight: Disc 1 of the Queer As Folk series shows up from Netflix. The opening credits are full of half-naked, mostly-sweaty guys. And I’m thinking to myself “but this is about gay guys” – and then I had my “doi” moment. There’s considerably more clothing once the show starts, but still. I did get to see at least one nekkid bum. Three episodes watched. I look forward to the next disc. :)


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

baked taters


why oh why are baked potatoes sooooo much better than microwaved potatoes? Rhetorical, really. I do sort of understand the chemistry. I could just as well ask “why do baked potatoes take sooooo much longer than microwaved” but I know the answer to that as well.


doesn’t mean I have to like it, though.


8:47 PM


Friday, March 10, 2006

Come A Cropper


It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with the idioms “come a cropper” and “fag’s end”, but I am surprised to have heard them spoken by BBC World News political analysts discussing Parliamentary election reform.


11:34 PM


I wrote him an email


fraught with emotion. i only got a sentence or two in before i deleted it.


last night, Mary said that we keep getting the same lesson until we learn from it. she wasn’t talking to me, but it struck a chord. i’m trying to learn, i’m trying so hard to do the opposite of every instinct i have. i’m not calling, i’m not writing, i’m not replying to him. it feels awful.


I really miss telling him about stuff. And, as I continue to cut him off, I hate not hearing about stuff from is this better for me?


6:43 AM


Monday, March 06, 2006

Cheese Review: Purple Moon


Purple Moon by Fiscalini Farmstead (California)Wild Oats (Westminster), $12.99/lb.”Cabernet soaked cheddar”. There’s a sticker on it that indicates that it’s a Gold Medal Winner, but it doesn’t indicate which contest that may have been. It’s an eggplant color, but slicing into it reveals a milk-colored core. I guess they really do soak it. The cabernet flavor is pleasantly strong. Sort of like a wine-and-cheese party, without the hassle of a glass. Well paired with the water crackers I had in the pantry. I’d recommend it.


8:14 PM


spring cleaning

I love him i miss him i love him i miss him i love him i miss him… do i know what love is?


maybe writing it down will clear it out of my head. :|


listening to the mariachi thudding of the party next door. why do polkas have the same beat? BOOM boom BOOM boom BOOM boom…


7:37 PM


Sunday, March 05, 2006

it’s an addiction


So, how to follow up an unsuccessful (in terms of sales) show? Why, go to the Gem & Jewelry Expo and spend lots of money buying more supplies! (albeit at really good prices, and at vendors selling in the “wholesale only” section, which isn’t open to the public, ain’t I snooty) The shows, both buying and selling, did encourage me to get my stuff up on my site, so I’ve at least gotten a good jump on that today. No shopping cart or anything fancy like that, but some photos, some descriptions, some prices. My contact information is there if anyone has a query about purchasing. Now I’ll just sit back and wait for the orders to pour in, heh-heh. :)


Oh, and that bracelet that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog? I saw the clasp at the gem expo — it was $158. Just the CLASP. That’s assuming she got the wholesale price. The beads she was using were Hill Tribe silver, which is about $1.49 a gram if you buy it locally. At the expo, it was closer to $.60 a gram. Still, she probably had at least $50 worth of beads on that $158 clasp (I bought enough to make a few pairs of earrings; it cost me $70). I didn’t ask her what she was selling it for, because I knew at a glance that I couldn’t afford it. Heck, I couldn’t afford to MAKE it.


Anyway, summer is just around the corner, so I acquired a little mother-of-pearl and four different kinds of coral. And many, many pearls, to add to the many, many pearls I haven’t strung yet. And I finally bought the 2mm sterling rounds I’ve been bitching about to anyone within earshot. I should have purchased some gold, but ran out of time (I had no idea how big this thing was going to be). And a bought a gorgeous two-strand box clasp made out of a beautiful piece of an old sari. I’ll make the poor-man’s version of that bracelet!


5:46 PM


Saturday, March 04, 2006

results of Public Show No. 1


Well, I sold enough to cover my booth fee. I was only one of a few jewelery artisans, but only one other person had stuff similar to mine. Hers was, for the most part, a little “safer” in design. Mine is a little more experimental, as I get the feel for my materials. We chatted a bit; she’s be doing this for 7 or 8 years now, and is in a few boutiques. She also has a functioning web site, whereas mine simply has a polite apology and is in need of a redesign. She also had a better-trafficked location in the event space. Still she sold only about as well as I did, which was actually encouraging. The two girls in the booth next to hers seemed to be doing a bang-up job. Their stuff was full of youthful enthusiasm, and they offered an assortment of simple, affordable pendants. Their necklaces weren’t selling, but the pendants seemed moderately successful. Or maybe it was the cute switchplate covers they had. One woman had some beautiful stuff, and she claimed to have pretty brisk sales on Friday’s opening. Well, to be fair, she said she “sold out of most of [her] new stuff” — so she may have done really well, or she may have only had a few new pieces. I fell in lust with a pair of her earrings, but buying while I was trying to sell would have defeated the purpose of being there. She would do well with a web page, but doesn’t have one for some reason (Jonathan, if you’re reading this, I’ll give you her email and you can flaunt your web design skills). She had one bracelet that would look stunning on a friend of mine. Well, it looked stunning on me, but I would have trashed it. I’m too hard on stuff.


So anyway, a good experience overall. I may do it again next month, or at least for May.9:30, and long past time to look in the kitchen for the Magic Dinner Fairy…


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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Random assortment of stuff


been meaning to get to this for a couple of days; now it’s just a mishmosh of bits and pieces:


I’m official! I registered my business with the Colorado Department of Revenue on Monday! Now I can buy art stuff and not pay sales tax! Whee! Most fun I’ve ever had in a government office.


I finally sent my Big Huge Work Project out to prepress. It will come back to haunt me for color checks and post-last-minute rewrites, but I have a reprieve for a few days, at least. Concurrently, two of my three freelance clients are just about wrapping up their projects. I hear some people “sleep” and “see friends” during their free time. I think I might get that pedicure that I’ve been planning since last July.


Come to Art-O-Rama at 560 Santa Fe Drive during the Santa Fe Art District’s First Friday celebration this weekend. Admire my stuff. Buy my stuff. I work hard at it.


I’m trying very hard to stay away from my ex. Hanging out with him is fun and easy and comfortable, and clearly no good for me. I cry a lot.


Read PostSecret : Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives, by Frank Warren. Get it from your local library. Return it on time so that others may have their turn. You can finish it in a night, I promise. It just might change your life.


Lynn-with-two-NNs, if you happen to read this, I’m sorry that I haven’t written back. I swear to whomever, it’s on my list of Things To Do.


See that guy in the photo, the one all the way on the left? I haven’t seen him in ages. I’m pretty sure he didn’t intentionally hurt me, but what he did was (uncharacteristically) careless and thoughtless – or thought out and cruel. I miss him. Between him and my ex, I think I’ll be out of town for our mutual friends’ wedding reception. I don’t want to bring that kind of emotional baggage with me to such an event.


By typing this out, I’m avoiding printing out the photos for this weekend’s show. I don’t mind printing it, but cutting it all out and slipping it into the photo album sleeves is going to be a bitch. Now I’ll just have to do it later into the night.


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