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Aaaaaand, exhale.

When our elections were declared four years ago, I received an email from some acquaintances I have in Germany. “That’s okay,” they said. “We know it’s not your fault. We have room over here, if you’d like.”

Last night, through the magic of the Internet, I was celebrating with friends across the country, and once again, the globe.

I am greatly disappointed that three states voted against gay marriage, as if it is somehow more of a sham than straight marriage. But that is overshadowed, for me, by getting my country back. I am patriotic. I do support my troops. I am pro-life. BUT… I fear my President. I oppose the war in Iraq. And I am very strongly pro-choice.

I know that things won’t change overnight. I know that SEVEN YEARS of war have left our country scarred, perhaps not physically, but economically and emotionally. I know that President-elect Barack Obama (my first opportunity to write that) does not have all the answers. But I know that things are looking up.


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