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25th Colorado British Motoring Conclave

My dad drove up to Colorado with two of his British car enthusiast friends to attend the 25th annual Colorado Conclave. I skipped Saturday’s rallye to get a few things done around the house, but joined them for Sunday’s show. It was overcast, but that seemed appropriate.

Click on the MG for more photos.


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Sew What?


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might recall Butterick 4790. It’s a reprint of a 1952 pattern, 6015, often referred to as the “walk-away” dress, nicknamed because it was claimed that you could start the pattern after breakfast, and walk away in it by lunch.

Unless, after stitching down the first dart, your thread snaps and winds itself around an internal component, bringing the whole enterprise to a halt.

I have had a sewing machine for 15+ years (currently a Singer 5160), and this has never happened before. I mean, sure, thread snaps all the time, but to see it wound around the doohickey that controls the take-up lever; well, that’s new to me. There’s no thread in my way, and I could ignore it and rethread the machine, but when I turn the hand-wheel, the tension feels off. I’m afraid of it either seizing, or snapping the snapped thread further and winding it around even more internal components.

The screws that hold the machine together are recessed. Recessed farther than my screwdrivers will reach. So, in lieu of paying a shop take apart the machine simply to unwind a piece of thread, I went to Home Depot and bought a longer screwdriver. I undid the five screws on the back of the machine. The screw on the right, near the power supply. The screw on the left, near the needle/presser foot. After all that, I was able to remove one small piece of the housing, but still couldn’t reach the offending thread. I don’t want to cause any further damage, so I guess I’ll call around and see if I can find a shop that will cut me a deal on what I know is a quick “repair.” (One local shop has a $95 diagnostic charge!)

In the meantime, I am unable to “walk-away” in my dress. And the sewing portion of my Halloween costuming is on brief hiatus (public thanks to Big Red for offering up her machine while mine is under the weather).


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Dodging Police

Ooooh, sorry folks, that’s a misleading title. This photo is captioned “1961 Dodge Police Pursuits – Public Safety” though, and what else would I have called the post that it inspired? “How to sell a car with ill-advised placement of body bags”?

The others in the series included Highway Patrol and Municipal Patrol. If anyone knows anything about this creepy ad series, please enlighten me!

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Spot Remover

A friend of mine has a daughter who has been taking a prescription-only medication for her acne. The daughter has come to rely on it, but is concerned about long-term effects (we know it can cause birth defects, which isn’t an immediate concern, but how long might it really stay in her system?). I know that I’m no doctor, and that the acne that I’m still dealing with at, ahem, my age, isn’t what I’d call “acute” or anything, but here’s a rundown of the stuff in my own medicine cabinet:

Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover Pads. Most makeup removers are oil-based, but I have enough oil on my own, thankyouverymuch. These do a bang-up job on the days I actually bother to remove my makeup.
Pond’s Exfoliating Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes. I hate getting my face wet, and splashing all over the counter, and rubbing anything gritty. These disposable cloths mean that I don’t need to deal with any of that. Plus, I can take them camping. Love love love.
Clearasil Daily Pore Cleansing Pads. These contain a mild salicylic acid. I might have an opinion on them, if I would ever remember to use them daily. Or even monthly.
Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. The tube says 100% of people showed clearer skin after only one day. Who am I to argue?
Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick. If it stings, it must be working, right?

I don’t use all of this stuff every day. Heck, I don’t remember to use ANY of it most days. And no matter what I do, I’m going to get a pimple when I’m getting my period. Nature’s way of saying, “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too.” If stress triggers your acne, then vitamin B could potentially help.

What are your tricks?


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Halloween Checkpoint

Costume One
Total spent to date: $81 (!)
Still need to buy: footwear
Remaining work: finish sewing costume; practice makeup; build/practice headwear

Costume Two
Total spent to date: $13
Still need to buy: fabric for costume, fabric for accessories, trim for accessories, spray paint
Remaining work: sew costume, sew accessories, cast/sculpt/paint jewelry


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Step Out In An Olds

You’re certain to be the center of attraction… when you step out in an Olds.
For owning an Olds sets you apart as someone special. And naturally so.

Wow, look at that fabulous 1957 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket 88 Holiday Coupé! Cars don’t come in that size any more. Or that color, which is too bad. A Prius or a Smart might only be the size of this car’s hood, but they’d still look awesome in this shade of mint sherbet green. Enjoy the sculptured lines of this car. The tasteful use of chrome. The beautiful floor-to-ceiling, wall-size windows of that Barbie Dream House. And look how happy the party-goers are!

Wait a minute.

What the hell are these people doing? Ms. Britches and I tried to piece it all together. The pretty blonde gal in the lilac dress? She just hit her knee, hard, against that giant, steel car door. But she’s so drunk as to think it’s funny (until that bruise shows up tomorrow). The two men in sportcoats are checking the time, desperate to get their wives home before they drink even more, because these women have to be in good enough shape to make a fresh, delicious pot of coffee in the morning, as well as eggs and bacon and toast. It just won’t do, to have the girls moaning and groaning with hangovers. And how about that amputee hunchback lurching toward the car? She’s… Um she’s… Well, we couldn’t decide what the hell she’s doing.

What do you think?


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random assortment of thoughts

My real neighbors (take THAT, Dave and Jessi!) are back in town for a couple of days. I spent a good chunk of Thursday with them, which was a lot of fun. We drove up to Boulder to grab some lunch, and as usual, the weather in Boulder was about 2 degrees warmer than absolutely perfect. So we walked around for a while, popping into various stores along the Pearl Street Mall. We played with EVERY SINGLE wind-up toy in Into The Wind. For some reason which is still unclear to me, although much appreciated, they gave me a Home Depot gift card. I immediately spent it on a new front porch light fixture and a neato programmable switch. The way I have it set, the light comes on at dusk but goes off at 11 instead of staying on ALL FRIGGIN’ NIGHT until dawn. Now that I have the new fixture installed… it looks kinda small. I don’t exactly have a grand entrance, but this light looks like it’s scaled for a dollhouse. Also, a CFL sticks out of the bottom a bit. I may have to uninstall and return it. :|

I have been sleeping funny-peculiar, and that combined with this whole unemployed-and-trying-to-freelance-for-reals thing is taking a toll on my neck and shoulders. In a stroke of good luck, my favorite massage therapist, who moved to L.A. a while back, is in Denver this weekend. Shout out to seeing Carrie, good conversation, and getting that gnarly knot out of my neck!

My father is coming up to visit next weekend, and, as per usual, my house is a MESS. It boggles the mind, how quickly I manage to clutter this place up.

Eric Laufer, lead singer for the Two Timin’ Four, was killed in an early-morning hit-and-run in Austin on Thursday. His body was found nearly a mile away from his bike. I am sickened.

ADDENDUM: It was Eric’s bike that was dragged that distance, not Eric. The events are still tragic, though slightly less horrific.


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