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loose threads

Inspired by a holiday-festive circle skirt I sewed the other night, I bought two new dress patterns today.


McCall’s ‘Easy Stitch ‘n Save’ M5292 and


McCall’s ‘Evening Elegance’ M5319. Which looked much prettier as an actual sample dress in the fabric store than it does on the package. These patterns will join my growing stash of unsewn patterns, which include:


Butterick Retro ’52 B4790 (reprint ©2006)


Simplicity 4265 (©2006),

and the oldest of the bunch,


Simplicity 7206 (©2002).

I have fabric for all except the “evening” dress, which I grabbed on an impulse while I was waiting in the line to check out. I also have fabric for a no-sew bathing suit and two no-sew skirts (both patterns downloadable from Blueprint magazine) in addition to fabric for a number of handbags that I haven’t gotten around to stitching up.

The ONE pattern that I’ve managed to complete is for a simple, A-line skirt:b4710.jpg

Butterick ‘See & Sew’ 4710, which I bought specifically for a lovely (and expensive) animal-print fabric, but I first did a “test-sewing” in a more affordable skull bandanna print called Baddanna. The test skirt is cute and wearable, but technically too big. I still haven’t made the “finished” version with the expensive fabric. I haven’t yet decided whether or not to adjust the pattern, or to save the fabric for a pencil skirt instead.

But, to make fabric cutting easier for all of this sewing that I should be doing, I bought a gigantic 36×60 self-healing mat (on sale for $30!). I will now be able to cut out whole pattern pieces without having to cut/shift mat/cut/shift mat the way I have been doing.

I would pick a pattern to start with tomorrow, but I’m heading with friends to “Créme de la Chrome,” the annual Rocky Mountain Rod & Custom show. And then I’ll find numerous other distractions to keep me from sewing. Okay, fine, I’ll leave the patterns out and allow them to give me dirty looks until I finally break down and start one. Which, if successful, should lead to another, and another…


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New, Improved (?) Worst Holiday Gift, 2007

Faithful readers will remember my selection of the Deer Rider as the Worst Holiday Gift for 2007. But, oh, the gifts just keep on giving. While flipping through a sale circular, I was introduced to the Mangroomer.


According to the Mangroomer site, this product is “the essential do-it-yourself electric back shaver.” Essential, folks. It will also, according to their copy, “improve your life” in numerous ways, including sparking up your romance, giving you confidence, preventing embarrassment at the beach or pool parties, decreasing sweat and body odor, and emphasizing muscle definition. And yes, they actually suggest it as a gift.

Oh, my. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $39.99 or at Amazon for $39.95.


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Final Tally

Food items, planned-but-forgotten:

  • leek purses

Food items, skipped in sudden moment of sanity:

  • roasted pumpkin
  • wild rice with cranberries

Food items, unexpected additions:

  • fig-topped brie
  • bruschetta with fresh tomato/cilantro topping (and roasted garlic!)

Food items, noticeably missed:

  • milk or cream for coffee (doh!)


  • burn on forearm from roasting pan
  • broken martini glass
  • chipped Waechtersbach saucer
  • bonking of cat on head with plate (I don’t think he even noticed, but the bonk-er felt very bad about it)

Festive use of word “fuck”:

  • I dunno, I was drinking too much to keep track ;)

Good conversations and laughs with great people:

  • countless

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In this, our time of gluttony

While you’re dining with family and/or friends tomorrow, eyes glued to the football game on your 52″ flat screen TV, eating your 16-lb. turkey and beans and THREE kinds of potatoes and TWO kinds of pie, please consider for a moment those less fortunate than yourselves.

Then, if you’re planning on hitting the 4am store sales, you might remember to pick up a couple of items for a kid whose Christmas would otherwise be sparse, or find an extra coat in your closet for a dad whose own has become threadbare.

In the Denver metro area, the 77th annual Santa Claus Shop, is now open for business through December 17; bring new and gently used toys to your local King Soopers store, where volunteers will sort, clean, and distribute them to underprivileged children. Coats for Colorado, in its 26th year, will be accepting your used coats through Nov 30th. Bring your jackets to Dependable Cleaners (30+ locations), who will distribute the donations to nonprofit organizations in need.

And remember to say thanks.

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home cooking isn’t dead

I’ve already posted the preliminary t-day menu, but here is the final roster for Neil’s info (and my own notes, so I don’t forget anything tomorrow!):

  • leek “purses” (store bought)
  • organic turkey (injected with wine, for extra juiciness) 
  • organic gravy (store bought)
  • stuffing (made by friend)
  • cranberry-apricot relish with cardamom
  • wild rice with cranberries (made by mom)
  • roasted herbed organic potatoes
  • mashed potatoes (made by friend)
  • pureed sweet potatoes with goat cheese and truffle oil
  • candied yams (made by friend)
  • green beans with toasted pine nuts
  • roasted organic pumpkin with lemon and rosemary
  • pecan pie (store bought)
  • pumpkin and caramel apple cheesecake slices (store bought)
  • Hawaiian fudge (store bought)
  • lots of booze (store bought) ;)

Yeah, okay, I just made myself hungry. Chinese takeout for dinner tonight! Safe travels, everyone.

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