We Wish You a Retro Christmas

One of the things that I do well is shop. I have a bit of free time these days, which I can spend searching online for pretty, useful, and/or elusive things (like a faux-jaguar hat to match my ’60s-vintage coat). As a public service, and to further make it more difficult for me to find time to sew, I thought I might start occasionally posting cool finds that I stumble across on these here digital pages.

As an etsy shop owner, I have a certain bias towards that particular coalition of artisans and vendors. Oh my, there are wonderful treasures to be found there! And, as regretsy.com has hilariously made everyone aware, some real stinkers as well. While you can find many wonderful and perhaps wacky vintage Christmas treasures within the shops there, the Vermont Country Store has a reputation for stocking brand-new versions of those items that you remember from Christmas at your grandparents’ house.


The items shown above are, clockwise from top left:

Truth In Advertising: I am receiving NO compensation or any other “encouragement” from VCS for this post. I was simply tickled by the items in their Christmas catalog and decided to write about them. However, if VCS wants to thank me in some box-at-my-door way, it would be rude of me to refuse a gift. 😉

3 thoughts on “We Wish You a Retro Christmas

  1. Awesome post!!! It totally took me back to Xmas at my Grandparents.
    Both antique dealers in Indiana… They still have most of their
    treasures. Oh how you’d love to spend a week digging through
    my Grandpas garage!!!

  2. Fun! Even when we go light (!) on the tree decorations, we always include Mom’s bubble lights! A couple of sparks and a quick whiff of ozone…

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